Networking/Bandwidth Load and Compression

Bandwidth, Load, and Compression


  • This is the data transfer rate.
  • Usually measured in Kbps(Kilobits per second).



  • A high load would be compressing H.265 since it is compressing at a harder algorithm.
  • H.264b would be low load since it take less CPU power to compress it.



  • Used to reduce storage in hardware.
  • Video compression are usually H.264B, H.264, H.265H, and H.265.
  • For more information on H.265 vs H.264, visit here.
  • H.264H use more complex encoding algorithms and will produce better quality video at an equivalent transfer rate.
  • Baseline profile is easier to decode, but Main and High profiles offer better compression and therefore use less bandwidth to achieve the same quality stream