Products with Smart H.265 Plus

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Products with Smart H.265+[]

IP Cameras[]


Ultra Features[]

  • Ultra-high definition (UHD), Ultra performance
  • Vast storage extendibility, multiple ways of data protection
  • Ultra-industrial design and quality
  • Super performance, enhanced video processing (Starlight, Ultra WDR)
  • Super storage extendibility, super system reliability (redundant)
  • Enhanced IVS function
  • High environmental tolerance (power, heater option)


Pro Features[]

  • High performance, high resolution, professional quality, high decoding/display capability
  • Low storage space consumption, low power consumption, high storage extendibility
  • IVS Support
  • Vast front end form factors, cover almost any application

Pro NVR[]

Pro Features[]

  • 5000-4K Series
  • All Channel 1080p Decoding
  • 320M Input, up to 4K support
  • P2P Ready
  • POE
  • Fisheye Dewarping

Pro NVR[]


  • End of Life products